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In Dec 2019 Covid-19 which is called Corona Virus outbreak in China & WHO has identified as a new type common virus tht causes an infection in our nose, sinuses or upper throat which can be fatal for a human body. Viral droplets transmitted from an infected person through cough or sneeze through entering point of our respiratory system of a human body can harm making this disease more dangerous. I’m going to put my Jyotish on here further.
Some point for studying a virus affecting the human body are:
1.The 4H represent the power to keep us healthy so it the protects the body. The karka of 4H is Moon who is karka for blood or if afflicted causes bacteria OR fungus attack. The other karka is Venus who is karka of making cells in our body if afflicted then it may Indicate attack by a virus in a human body. Venus is lord of Taurus sign which natural zodiac sign of 2nd house and the body part of Taurus is till Neck collar bone which will include nose eyes and mouth. So we analysis Venus as a planet here.
2.Immunity system is governed by 11th house which is 6th house from 6th so we will check 11th house and lord from Moon n 11th House n lord from Lagan. As Moon is related to mind and body. Lagan is related to self or intelligence and from these two planets 11H we will derive the weakness of immunity in the chart.
3.We also analysis 5th house from pran pada as Prana is breath indicates the life energy.
4.So we will combine the affliction of Venus connected with Lagan 11H or its lord ,From Moon 11H or its lord if afflicted by 6th or 8th lord or aspected by Malefic and affliction of 5H or lord from Pranapada.


1. Tom Hank:
Birth details: 9th July 1956 at 11.17 am, Place: Concord, California.
Simha Lagna rising with Jupiter in Lagna & Venus in 10th house in his own sign creating Malavya Yoga giving great strength to the chart which gave him great success in Hollywood films. If we see from Moon 11H has Venus with Ketu aspected by Mars and Saturn, who is 8th lord making his immunity weak & Venus is cursed who is also aspected by malefic making the chart weaker. As we see from Lagna 11H which is Sun who is with markesh Mercury in his own sign but not afflicted with any malefic here. From PP is placed in Aries Sign if we see from 5H from PP which is Leo sign and as Jupiter place there which is aspected by Saturn from 4H n from Mars from 7H who is a bhadkesh and also MKS in the chart making is more weaker making more less immune to virus related diseases. The Dasha I will use here is Chaturaseeti Sama dasha as here in the chart 10th lord is in 10th house. Venus MD n Sun AD gave him disease and as MD Venus which not at all not helping him n Sun which is 11th H from Lagna wit markesh Mercury gave him this infection but as you see Jupiter who is in Lagna will save him all the diseases which MD Venus will want to give.
2.Domingo Placido:
Birth details: 21 Jan 1941, 22.00.00, Madrid, Spain
Domingo is a well-known Opera Spanish singer and art administrator also. He has recorded over hundred complete Opera concerts and well known in Spanish, English, Russian prestigious opera houses in the world.
He has Simha Lagan as in 4H Mars in own sign creating Ruchaka Yoga gave him great personality n great strength in the chart. Now we from Lagna 11th lord is in 6th house with afflicted by Sun n aspected by Rahu a malefic n Saturn who is 6th lord n a malefic who is also is in neecha rasi wit Jupiter. As we see from Moon 11H where Venus is placed is a Kharesh in the chart which is placed 4H from Moon in D-9, who is also in paap katari yoga by Sun n Mars which is also bhadakesh in the chart aspected by Jupiter who is 8th lord making the chart more weaker. Now see from PP which is in Cancer sign 5H from it is Scorpio sign with Mars placed in it. The Vimsottari MD is of Moon n AD is of Jupiter who is 8th lord is 6th neecha lord Saturn.
3. Prince Charles:
Birth details: 14th Nov 1948, 21.14.00, London, United Kingdom
As we know all about Prince Charles so lets come straight to the point as he was also tested postive for Corona Virus.
He has Cancer Lagan n 11H from lagan is Taurus rasi which is lorded by Venus and Moon is Mesh Rasi 11H from there is Kumb rasi which is lorded by Sani n Rahu. Venus is 3H in neecha rasi and in paap katari yoga between Saturn n neecha Sun n getting exchange wit Budh n indirectly Venus goes in Tula rasi because of the exchange wit Budh, so now Venus afflicted wit Ketu, neecha Surya n aspected Sani giving it highest affliction now. Top of tht Venus is also Bhadkesh for Cancer Lagan. The Vimsottari MD is of Guru which is in 6H n its lord too n AD is Ketu which is wit neecha Sun n Venus because of the exchange with Budh giving him the disease.

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